8 Interesting Facts About YouTube for Marketers

September 28, 2017

Marketing yourself via videos on your own YouTube channel is a simple way to create a nice buzz about yourself, your products, or your business. For several years now, people have used YouTube to achieve results and have been quite successful for the most part. If you are a marketer who is ready to attain the same results, it is time to learn these eight marketing tidbits for YouTube.

1- It Works

The most important thing to remember about YouTube and marketing is that it works if you allow it to work. There have been tons of success stories built from YouTube. People love watching videos and if you entertain them enough, you will be on their screen often.

2- You Can Buy Views

Did you know that it is possible to buy views to add to your YouTube uploads? It is so easy to buy YouTube views to help promote your name and your page. The cost to make the purchase is reasonable and you’ll join in with many others who’ve already made this great choice. Isn’t it time you buy YouTube views?

3- Tons of Ways to Promote

When you create a YouTube channel, you will find many ways for promotion of that page. It is a good idea that you utilize as many of the promotional methods as you can to get the most recognition. Advertise on other social media outlets, tell your friends, even advertise!

4- Millions Per Day

YouTube videos receive millions of views each and every day. The only way your videos will be seen is if they are uploaded and waiting to be seen. Create quality videos and you can be seen the way you like being seen!

5- The Outsiders

Did you know that about 70% of all the traffic on YouTube is from people who are outside the U.S.? Not only is YouTube popular throughout the U.S., but at tons of locations around the world, too.

6- It is Fun

Sometimes marketing is a bore and sometimes it is a lot of hard work. But, when YouTube is the marketing avenue that you choose, it is neither of those. Instead, it is fun and enjoyable, and something that you’ll enjoy every single time.

7- You Can Make Money with YouTube

There are many ways to turn your YouTube channel into profits and it is beneficial for you to learn these methods sooner instead of later. It is a nice chunk of change waiting to be made.

8- Sharing is Caring

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Did you know that over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Facebook every single minute? Yes, even when you’re fast asleep, people are still sharing their favorite videos. And so, you can be one of the videos being shared!

There are tons of interesting facts about YouTube that you should get to know. These are only eight of them, so take the time to learn what you can and let your YouTube marketing efforts begin.